The Next Generation of Epigenetic Drugs:
Specific, Tolerable and Effective Treatments for
Unmet Clinical Need

The use of drugs that target epigenetic regulators (including HDAC, BET, DNMT and RNA-Chromatin) and modify gene expression to correct disease states or target cancer is a new and expanding area of biopharmaceutical research.

The inaugural Virtual Epigenetic Therapeutic Target Summit will provide the industry’s definitive guide to translating epigenetic drugs into clinically effective treatments. Expect to hear the latest clinical trial results, including where epigenetic-targeted therapies have been applied as monotherapy or in a combinatorial approach (including with immunotherapies) in the treatment of hematologic malignancies. There will also be further discussion on how this class of therapy has exhibited viable therapeutic potential for solid tumours.

From selecting the best target for each disease indication (including beyond oncology), to monitoring and limiting off-target toxicity and identifying the right patient population, ETT Summit will cover the full drug development spectrum for epigenetic therapies in all disease areas.

Join 75 of your peers from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to share challenges and unite over a common goal: to harness the potential of epigenetics and find effective treatments for patients in need.

View the full event guide for further details on speakers, content and how to join those who are at the forefront of epigenetic drug development.

Don’t just take it from us, hear what people have already had to say about our agenda and speaker line-up:

“A very good, varied and interesting program”

Storm Therapeutics 

“I particularly like the opening keynote, referencing precision”

Bristol-Myers Squibb 

“A great agenda for the epigenetics community”

Constellation Pharmaceuticals