About Event

Epigenetics is one of the world’s most cutting edge scientific fields, with applications across oncology and into many other areas of science. The remarkable success of Tazemostat acted as a proof of concept that epigenetics do have a place in modern medicine.

Join the Epigenetic Therapeutic Targets Summit – the only virtual summit dedicated to the clinical translation and optimization of therapeutic candidates targeting epigenetic mechanisms of gene expression.

This is your annual opportunity to participate in cross-disciplinary discussions that are transforming epigenetic strategies into the best and first in class approaches for patients with an unmet clinical need.

Download the full event guide for the full agenda.

6 unmissable highlights from this year’s event:

  1. Targeting cancer with first-in-class inhibitors of the KAT6 with Pfizer.
  2. Review early evidence of antitumor activity that was observed with CC-90011 in some NENs and NHLs with Bristol-Myers Squibb
  3. Discover new potential for epigenetic drugs in fields other than cancer including treating parasite infection with University of Rome.
  4. Learn about a novel CBP/p300 inhibitor which antagonizes AR signalling with Forma Therapeutics.
  5. Speed up discovery with high throughput screening with University of California San Diego.
  6. Targeting SMARCA4-mutant lung cancers through selective, chemically-induced degradation of SMARCA2 with Genentech.

Join us for all of this and more at the Virtual Epigenetic Therapeutic Targets – where the next generation of treatments will be born!