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3rd Epigenetic–Targeted Drug Discovery & Development Summit

The 3rd Epigenetic – Targeted Drug Discovery & Development Summit pulls together world leaders in epigenetic research and development from groundbreaking academia, large pharma, non-profit organizations, and the bustling biotech industry.

70 Attendees | 5+ hours of Networking with Industry Peers
Two Interactive Pre-Conference Workshops | Exclusive Presentations from 17 Field Experts

Novel case studies showcasing multiple pharmacological interventions to epigenetic targets, from histone deacetylases (HDACs) and demethylases inhibitors, right through to CRISPR/Cas9 systems, epigenetic editing, and targeted protein degradation (TPD). Collaborative panels will debate multiple targeting strategies including specific loss and gain of function, synthetic lethality, along with combinatorial approaches and checkpoint inhibitors to overcome drug resistance.

This meeting aims to accelerate and enrich your epigenetic drug development pipeline by:

Sharing exclusive insights into novel concepts and targets for drug discovery and development with talks on PRMT5 from Pfizer and MGMT from the National Brain Tumor Society

Discovering new potential with novel epigenetic therapeutic approaches including Foghorn Therapeutics’ targeting of BAF chromatin remodeling and CAMP4 Therapeutics detailing their efforts into targeting regulatory RNA

Opening up discussions around resistance to epigenetic drugs, the mechanism of epigenetic resistance, and conversely, combating resistance through combinatorial epigenetic drug to prepare your pipeline for what may lie ahead

Leveraging emerging assays to streamline your development and precisely understand epigenetic behavior through single cell assay studies carried out at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute