Discovery of a First-in-Class KAT6A/KAT6B Inhibitor CTX-648 (PF-9363) with Potent Anti-Tumor Activity in ER+ Breast Cancer with KAT6A Dysregulation

Time: 3:00 pm
day: Day One


  • Molecular dysregulation of KAT6A has been observed in several cancers, including amplifications in breast, lung, ovarian cancer along with oncogenic fusions in AML
  • CTx-648 (PF-9363) is a first-in-class potent KAT6A/KAT6B inhibitor that possess high selectivity versus other MYST family members (KAT7, KAT5, KAT8)
  • CTx-648 (PF-9363) inhibits expression of ESR1 expression leading to potent anti-tumor activity in ER+ breast cancer models