Svetlana Hamm

Svetlana Hamm

Company: 4SC

Job title: Head of Research and Translational Medicine


Dr. Svetlana Hamm is a biologist and trained immunologist. She received her PhD from the University of Munich (Germany) in 2006 for her work on toll-like receptor agonists and then started as a research scientist at 4SC, a German biotech company based in Martinried.  During her time there, she worked on numerous oncology and immunology projects, advancing several of them from research to clinical stage. Today she is Head of the Research and Translational Medicine department.



Overcoming Therapy Resistance to Cancer Immune Therapy – The role of epigenetic modulators 9:15 am

Cancer immunophenotypes and immune escape mechanisms – how to address resistance to immune checkpoint therapy Immunomodulatory features of epigenetic drugs – rationale selection of combinations, dose, and schedule Case studies: i) Broad-spectrum HDAC inhibitor resminostat in combination with opsonizing antibodies in haematological cancer; ii) Class I HDAC inhibitor domatinostat in combination with checkpoint blockade –…Read more

day: Virtual Conference Day

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