FREE WEBINAR - Epigenetic Experimentation: Methods, Standardization & Diagnostics

Live with: Alon Goren, Assistant Professor, University of California San Diego

Tuesday, April 6 | 9 – 9.30am PDT | 12 – 12.30pm EDT

In this interview with leading researcher Alon Goren, we will:


  • Outline the variety of methods being used by the field and how the overwhelming number of them is creating difficulties in identifying usable findings across studies
  • Discuss the problems that are caused by a lack of standardization across the field that prevents researchers from being able to collaborate effectively
  • Identify key controls that could be managed to offer greater transposition of findings and what the benefits of modulating these controls could be for the entire space
  • Look to the future of epigenetics and how the technology has opened up avenues in therapeutics and diagnostics alike
Alon Goren

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